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No-churn Strawberry Ice Cream

There’s no need for an ice cream maker here; all you need is a food processor, a mixer and a handful of ingredients. The result? A fresh, creamy taste, with deep strawberry flavour and just a murmur of balsamic. Simple. Sensational. INGREDIENTS 3-3/4 cups fresh, ripe strawberries, rinsed 1/2 cup superfine sugar 2 tsp balsamic … Continued

Simple Ethiopian Lentil Stew Recipe

Here is another simple everyday dish that everyone can put their own spin on. I learned this version from my auntie, whom I often stayed with as a child. She makes the best misir wot ever. (Shhh—don’t tell my mom I said that!)  INGREDIENTS Serves 4–6 1 cup red lentils 1 medium yellow onion, diced … Continued

Recipe for Cannabis Gingersnap Blondies

Gingersnap Blondies This recipe for these edibles is easier than keeping up with the sunscreen if you’re a ginger. SUGGESTED MOOD/STRAIN Ginger Punch is a hybrid that’s said to smell like strawberry candy. Makes 16 squares with 6 Tbsp cannabutter (almost 7 mg THC per piece). INGREDIENTS 1/4 cup + 2 Tbsp cannabutter (85 g) … Continued

5 Summery Recipes for the Long Weekend

Here are five recipes for those long summer weekends when all you want to do is dip. Dip things in chips, dip your feet into the water, dip into a romance novel that’s been sitting on your bedside table since last summer. Here’s some of our favourite recipes to keep you satisfied and satiated! INGREDIENTS … Continued

Brian Thomas Isaac Wins Indigenous Voices Award

We’re beyond thrilled to announce that debut author Brian Thomas Isaac has won an Indigenous Voices Award in the Published Fiction category for his coming-of-age novel All the Quiet Places. The announcement was made in a virtual ceremony Monday evening, coinciding with National Indigenous Peoples Day on June 21. The evening was hosted by Richard … Continued

Recipe for National Ethiopian Dish: Doro Wot (Spicy Chicken Stew)

Doro Wot (Spicy Chicken Stew) It doesn’t get any more authentically Ethiopian than our national chicken dish. Doro wot is a slow-cooked spicy chicken stew that’s served at every celebration and special event. You can’t say you’ve truly tried Ethiopian food until you’ve tried this spicy and savory meal. Make sure to pair it with … Continued

Boozy Books Finalists for Taste Canada Awards

TouchWood Editions is excited to announce that two of our books have been shortlisted for the 2022 Taste Canada Awards, both in the Culinary Narrative category. The announcement was made on June 15 and the finalists will be announced November 7. S. L. Klassen’s humorous and historically edifying Mennonite-themed cocktail book Menno-Nightcaps is one of … Continued

Father’s Day Breakfast

Farm Eggs Island Style with Cherry Tomatoes and Roasted Asparagus This is our Island version of huevos rancheros which translates literally to ranch eggs. It is my husband’s preferred way to use the gloriously fresh eggs we’re lucky enough to get from our chickens. I love to add whatever is fresh from the fields, but … Continued

RECIPE: French Honey Crullers

Given the many nights of my youth spent sitting in a small-town doughnut shop, I knew that the cruller had to be in this cookbook. I’m happy to say that this, perhaps the most sophisticated doughnut of the bunch, tastes way better than those you can get at your local drive-through. After successive successful test … Continued

RECIPE: Berry Ginger Soda

Ginger bug can be used to create all sorts of different probiotic soda pops. While they’ll always have a hint of ginger in the flavour, they won’t necessarily have the spice of ginger beer. Find Emillie’s recipe for Ginger Bug Starter here. Ginger bug sodas can be flavoured with anything you want: different types of … Continued

RECIPE: Ginger Bug Starter

Ginger bug is the basis of my favourite probiotic soda pop. Unlike kombucha, jun, and water kefir, it doesn’t require much maintenance and feeding. A well-established starter will last for a month in the fridge without feeding. Mostly, I love ginger bug because I can catch it and keep it alive for the summer months. … Continued