Zachary’s Horses

By (author): Stan Krumm
ISBN 9781771510424
Softcover | Publication Date: April 8, 2014
Book Dimensions: 5.5 in x 7.5 in
312 Pages

About the Book

Zachary’s Horses picks up where Zachary’s Gold left off and continues the adventures of Zachary Beddoes. It is 1870, and the ex-lawman is hiding out in the capital of colonial British Columbia, using the name Lincoln Zachary. He soon befriends a series of locals: a young woman with a mysterious background; a pair of young English gentlemen, who are travelling through the area; a manic, alcoholic notary from the Washington Territory; and a rich but unscrupulous local business family, who are organizing what they think will be the horse race of the decade. But not all of his new friends have Zachary’s best intentions at heart, as he becomes involved with a blackmailing scoundrel who knows his true identity and intends to make the most of the situation. Suspense mounts as the day of the horse race approaches. Both love and danger are in the air, and Zachary once again exhibits his ability to do just the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Set in a most interesting time and place in our history, Zachary’s Horses follows Zachary Beddoes as he struggles to survive the Wild West of the north.

About the Author(s)

Stan Krumm is the author of Zachary's Horses and Zachary's Gold. He was raised about fifty miles from the historic town of Barkerville, BC. He has always been fascinated by its landscape and history—drawn into flights of fantasy by the fields and forests of the Quesnel River valley. When he wrote Zachary’s Gold, about the gold rush of the 1860s, BC Bookworld called it the summer fiction “book to read.” Stan lives in Quesnel, where he has a business, a wonderful family, and a cat named Max.