Zachary’s Gold

By (author): Stan Krumm
ISBN 9781926971599
Softcover | Publication Date: September 3, 2011
Book Dimensions: 5.5 in x 7.5 in
264 Pages

About the Book

In 1864, headstrong Pinkerton man Zachary Beddoes is tired of guarding hotels and railway stations, so he decides to quit his life of private law-enforcement and head west for gold. In San Francisco, Zachary hears that the best goldfields are north, in British Columbia. Undeterred by warnings of how harsh and unforgiving the Barkerville goldfields can be, Zachary sets off in search of his fortune. But before he can stake his claim, Zachary unexpectedly becomes an outlaw. Forced to flee into the bush, Zachary must rely on a Chinese prospector named Rosh to keep him alive. In an adventure beyond even Zachary’s wildest dreams, he and Rosh dodge bullets and struggle to survive the wild west of the north.

About the Author(s)

Stan Krumm is the author of Zachary's Horses and Zachary's Gold. He was raised about fifty miles from the historic town of Barkerville, BC. He has always been fascinated by its landscape and history—drawn into flights of fantasy by the fields and forests of the Quesnel River valley. When he wrote Zachary’s Gold, about the gold rush of the 1860s, BC Bookworld called it the summer fiction “book to read.” Stan lives in Quesnel, where he has a business, a wonderful family, and a cat named Max.


“Both interesting and fun . . . This slice of BC history will be of particular interest to readers who have been to the places that feature in Zachary’s story—even if they’ve travelled there by car or train, rather than on foot or bystern wheeler.” —Geist

“A precious nugget.” —Quesnel Cariboo Observer