Cover image for “To Track a Traitor: A Lane Winslow Mystery” by Iona Whishaw. This cover is illustrated. The background has the Seven Sisters Peaks, with a dark teal body of water in front and a purple-pink sunset. In front, a woman is wearing an outfit from the early 1950’s which includes a circular grey hat with a red ribbon, a fitted brown tweed jacket, slacks and a travel back, she is heading toward a blue bus with its headlights on. Toward the top is the author’s name, “Iona Whishaw” printed in a bold, white, all caps, sans serif font and a thick black line is below, followed by the text in a small, black, all caps font reading, “Globe and Mail Bestselling author.” The title is aligned left at the bottom of the page in a bold, white, all caps, sans serif font reading “To Track a Traitor”, both “to” and “a” are much smaller than the rest of the title and are unlined in red, at the bottom of the page in a white, all caps, sans serif font it reads, “A Lane Winslow Mystery.” Cover illustration by Margaret Hanson.

To Track a Traitor

A Lane Winslow Mystery

By (author): Iona Whishaw
ISBN 9781771513876
Softcover | Publication Date: April 25, 2023
Book Dimensions: 5 in. x 7.5 in.
512 Pages

About the Book

With events spanning both world wars, the tenth installment in the Lane Winslow mystery—which first began with the bestselling adventure A Killer in King’s Cove—series is a transatlantic tale of sibling rivalry, infidelity, and espionage.

It’s an early morning in May when Lane is pulled from a deep sleep by a concerning phone call from Scotland—her grandfather has had a heart attack. Lane hastily makes plans to fly overseas, and a dejected Inspector Darling prepares himself for a stint of bachelorhood. But before he can begin to dwell on it the Nelson Police learn that Ben Arden, a local cad, has gone out for a late-night boat ride and not returned, which immediately sets the town rumour mill churning.

In Scotland Lane finds her grandfather on the mend but her estranged sister Diana caught up in stressful—and mysterious—circumstances of her own. As Lane follows the thread leading from South Africa to Aberdeen to the War Office in London it becomes apparent that her sister is on the run, and that keeping secrets seems to be a Winslow family trait.

Back at the Nelson Police station a strange assemblage of clues begins to amass around the Arden case, stretching from the local printshop all the way back to the Great War. But progress is interrupted when the mayor himself issues a demand that Darling travel to England to tie up a decades-old mystery with local connections. True to form, upon Darling’s arrival in London he is quickly swept up in Lane’s mission, which threatens to endanger the entire family.

About the Author(s)

Iona Whishaw is a former educator and social worker whose mother and grandfather were both spies during their respective wars. She is the award-winning author of the Globe and Mail bestselling Lane Winslow Mystery series. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with her husband.


“Highly entertaining . . . Whishaw makes smooth transitions between a dizzying number of locations, time periods, and points of view, all while shepherding the narrative to an immensely satisfying conclusion. Winslow’s fans and newcomers alike will find lots to love.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

“This is Whishaw’s 10th novel and, so far, it’s avoided the dreaded period when series books get stale . . . Whishaw goes all out on the historical bits and it’s all great fun following post-Second World War Britain.” —Globe and Mail

“Lane is once again swept up into a family mystery in the tenth installment to the Lane Winslow Mystery series.” CBC Books

“What a delight! Lane and Darling are the most adorable couple I’ve met in a long time, and Whishaw’s clever insights into their post-WWII lives are crafted with such charming finesse that readers will fall in love as I did. With a cast of beguiling characters following unexpected twists and turns until the truths are finally revealed, To Track a Traitor was a joy to read. I am off to order the rest of the series!” —Genevieve Graham, #1 USA Today bestselling author of Bluebird

“Intricately woven together, Iona Whishaw presents a stellar mystery with twists and turns in this clever novel that links crimes from two different eras and two different continents. Follow the fascinating characters as they track down the answers to one crime, only to discover it’s just the beginning.” —Eliza Knight, USA Today bestselling author of Starring Adele Astaire

“Whishaw is the only author with two books in the top 25, with Killer in King’s Cove, the first book in the mystery series, coming in at number 24. Last year, Whishaw’s 2022 Lane Winslow mystery, Framed in Fire, was in the top 25.” —Quill & Quire

“From its gripping opening sentence through to its thrilling conclusion, To Track a Traitor unspools an appealing tale of family secrets, small-town murder, and cross-Atlantic intrigue. Whishaw is a master of the historical mystery, and Traitor provides Lane Winslow with her most electrifying—and personal—adventure yet.” —Sam Wiebe, award-winning author of Sunset and Jericho and Hell and Gone

“An engaging, superbly crafted page turner of a mystery.” —Alan Hlad, international and USA Today bestselling author of The Long Flight Home

“Lane Winslow is a spirited young woman who has done her duty to King and country during the Second World War and now she needs peace for herself. . . While Lane is healing from wartime experiences, she uses her not inconsiderable detective skills to solve the mysteries that always seem to come her way.” —Ann Nicol, Belleville Public Library

“very much a book to curl up on sofa with a nice cup of tea” —Talisman Books & Gallery

“‘She’s a lovely lady and one of my new favourites,’ said Black Bond president Cathy Jesson” —Surrey Now Leader

“the intrigues throughout her novels are pleasant and provocative reading.” —Castlegar News