A Deceptive Devotion

A Lane Winslow Mystery

By (author): Iona Whishaw
ISBN 9781771513005
Softcover | Publication Date: April 23, 2019
Book Dimensions: 5 in. x 7.5 in.
392 Pages

About the Book

Wedding bells, a grisly murder, and a defecting Russian spy bring drama to King’s Cove in the newest Lane Winslow mystery, a series that the Globe and Mail calls “terrific.”


A wedding is on the horizon for Lane Winslow and Inspector Darling. As one of the few Russian speakers in her community, Lane is obliged to act as translator and hostess for Countess Orlova, an elderly Russian woman who has tracked her missing brother to the Nelson area. Nelson PD investigates, but then the murder of a lone hunter in the hills above King’s Cove takes top priority.


Darling works the case with a Constable Oxley—a newcomer to the area, assigned in Constable Ames’ temporary absence—and a British agent contacts Lane to warn her to be on the lookout for a fleeing Russian defector. Bound by the Wartime Secrets Act, Lane is conflicted about keeping the information from Darling, especially when it begins to put a strain on their relationship.


Fans of Maisie Dobbs and the Kopp Sisters will delight in this rousing adventure of intrigue and espionage.

About the Author(s)

Iona Whishaw is a former educator and social worker whose mother and grandfather were both spies during their respective wars. She is the award-winning author of the Globe and Mail bestselling Lane Winslow Mystery series. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with her husband.


“A nostalgic look at postwar Canada melds with a riveting tale of old and new Russia as its deeply nuanced characters lurch from one dangerous situation to the next.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Another fantastic entry in the unique and compelling Lane Winslow series! Filled with intrigue, deception, twisted loyalties, and a touch of romance, readers will stand up and cheer.” —Anna Lee Huber, author of the Lady Darby Mysteries and the Verity Kent Mysteries

“It’s always a pleasure to return to King’s Cove and be swept away by another Lane Winslow tale. This latest instalment—rich with intrigue, humour, murder and romance—underlines why Whishaw’s books have fast become my favourite mystery series.” —Kerry Clare, editor 49th Shelf, author of Mitzi Bytes

“Iona Whishaw has again raised the bar . . . This is seriously good storytelling that continues to earn its place among the finest mystery writing in Canada.” —Don Graves, Canadian Mystery Reviews

“Whishaw spins an engrossing tale of murder, Russian assassins, British spies and local Canadian constabulary while deftly braiding the many story threads into a twisty plot in A Deceptive Devotion.”  —Shelf Awareness

“My enthusiasm was high while reading A Deceptive Devotion. . . . I genuinely love the characters, their banter, how comfortable I am with them while reading. I of course look forward to spending more time with Lane, Darling and (now Sergeant) Ames.” —Literary Hoarders blog

“I love [Lane Winslow] because she is a modern woman ahead of her day.” —Wei Chen, host, CBC Ontario Morning

“Whishaw knows the land, the language, and the people. She gives readers many interesting characters—Countess Orlova and Aptekar are two of the best. The plot lines play out from the late 1800s to 1947 in about 150 scenes that jump from King’s Cove and nearby Nelson to Moscow, London, Vladivostok, Vancouver, Ottawa, and places in between. But all the threads come together with considerable surprises and twists. Fans of Whishaw and Winslow will enjoy this 6th in the Lane Winslow Mysteries.” —Historical Novel Society

“The Lane Winslow books are in the cozy category, but they are more in the vein of Louise Penny: there’s a darkness around them and events from the past still have a tight hold on Lane and Darling, no matter how much they try to move forward. This is a compelling series that combines a cozy setting, spy intrigue storylines, and police procedural elements—not an easy task, but one that Whishaw pulls off.” —Reviewing the Evidence blog