A Match Made for Murder

A Lane Winslow Mystery

By (author): Iona Whishaw
ISBN 9781771513265
Softcover | Publication Date: April 28, 2020
Book Dimensions: 5 in. x 7.5 in.
416 Pages

About the Book

Winner of the 2021 Bony Blithe Light Mystery Award

“An intriguing mix of character, plot, time, and place. Highly recommended.” —Ian Hamilton, author of the bestselling Ava Lee novels

Lane and Darling’s Arizona honeymoon is interrupted by gunshots in the newest installment in a series Kirkus Reviews calls “relentlessly exciting.”

It’s November, and Lane and Darling have escaped the chilly autumn in the Kootenays for a honeymoon at the posh and romantic Santa Cruz Inn in sunny Tucson, Arizona. But despite her very best intentions to relax, soon after their arrival Lane’s plans to spend the holiday poolside with a good mystery are interrupted by gunfire. One of the hotel’s wealthy guests has been shot point blank and Lane is second on the scene.

Though Lane and Darling attempt to distance themselves from the investigation, the longer they stay at the Santa Cruz Inn, the deeper they are drawn into a web of suspects and bystanders, and a collection of seemingly perfect marriages fraught with jealousy and violence. The situation threatens first their honeymoon and then their lives when Lane puts herself directly in the sights of local criminals who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Back in Nelson, Sergeant Ames has been left in charge of the department during Darling’s absence. As he investigates a case of vandalism at the Van Eyck garage, it seems to lead directly to the death of the suspected vandal himself. Working with Constable Terrell, the new recruit, to piece together what happened in this strange and unsettling murder, Ames finds his romantic interest in mechanic Tina Van Eyck creates complications that are more than awkward; they could be deadly.

Fans of Maisie Dobbs and the Kopp sisters will delight in the latest Lane Winslow, a study of matrimony and mirage in the American Southwest.

About the Author(s)

Iona Whishaw is a former educator and social worker whose mother and grandfather were both spies during their respective wars. She is the award-winning author of the Globe and Mail bestselling Lane Winslow Mystery series. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with her husband.


An April 2020 Loan Stars Adult Top 10

#7 on the Toronto Star‘s Bestsellers list for Canadian Fiction

“Excellent pacing, good use of local colour, nice repartee between the protagonists, and plenty of high-stakes action make this a winner.” —Publishers Weekly

“A nice romance in a good setting with a decent puzzle plot to keep the pages flipping – that’s the recipe for this excellent light mystery . . . charming . . . with solid characters and nice puzzle plots. It’s perfect for a mental getaway.” —Globe and Mail

“Think a young Katharine Hepburn—beautiful, smart and beyond capable. Winslow is an example of the kind of woman who emerged after the war, a confident female who had worked in factories building tanks and guns, a woman who hadn’t yet been suffocated by the 1950s’-perfect housewife ideal.” —Vancouver Sun

“An intriguing mix of character, plot, time, and place. Highly recommended.” —Ian Hamilton, author of the bestselling Ava Lee novels

“A treat . . . Post-war Arizona is richly conjured and Whishaw’s trademark examination of the mores of the day add depth and enjoyment to another deftly plotted puzzler, as our newlyweds probe the murky depths of this sunny setting. Meanwhile, Sgt Ames has a knotty case of his own, back in Nelson. Whether Whishaw takes us abroad, stays at home or—like here—gives us both, this series just keeps getting better!” —Catriona McPherson, award-winning author of the Dandy Gilver series

“A delight, charming and funny, cozy and enveloping . . . It’s also a wonderful literary homage to the classics of detective fiction.” —Kerry Clare, author of Mitzi Bytes

“Lane Winslow fans will find much to enjoy in this instalment. The playfulness and love for each other between Darling and Lane is there, and for the mysteries, how Whishaw ties everything together in the end always makes for a delightful read.” —Literary Hoarders blog

A Match Made for Murder is not just a double murder investigation; it’s a double romance. But what really makes the Lane Winslow mysteries so compelling is that Whishaw gets the tone and mood of the time and place exactly right. Her eclectic mix of remittance men, Imperial refugees and small-town Canadians—all suffering from wounds or moral crises as a result of the recent war—should provide her with plots and characters for many novels still to come.” —BC BookLook

“Set in the historical context of women trying to find a new role for themselves after the war, [A Match Made for Murder] explores a narrative other than that of the happy suburban homemaker. Whishaw challenges the idea of the sanctity and security of marriage and explores the outcomes of marriages made by women as avenues to adventure, or financial security, or professional power. . . Whishaw also illustrates the importance of the white characters recognizing their own privilege and the need to change their behaviour to become more inclusive. . . In this way Whishaw illustrates how the murder mystery genre can challenge societal constructions of gender norms and race relations.” —Ormsby Review