6 Sweet Treats to Beat the Heat

It’s summer. It’s hot. Need we say more?

Here’s a selection of recipe from our cookbooks to help you beat the heat.

This sorbet is already super refreshing. Get the recipe here.

Why not enjoy a cocktail with brunch? There’s no need to stop at pastries and cheese. After all, we are being indulgent. Get the recipe here.


Lassi is a traditional beverage made by blending buttermilk or yogurt and water or other fruits, juices and spices until frothy. Get the recipe here.

A fresh, creamy tasting ice cream, with deep strawberry flavour and just a murmur of balsamic. Get the recipe here.

This protein-packed chocolate smoothie is rich enough for dessert and healthy enough for a midday indulgence. Get the recipe here.

Enjoy this naturally fermented soda with the juiciness of berries and a hint of ginger. Get the recipe here.