Twelve Days of TouchWood

Are you stumped by what to get your dad this Christmas? What about your sister-in-law, your boss, or your mailman? We have a few suggestions! Whether they’re foodies, historians, naturalists, art lovers, or arm chair detectives, we have the perfect book for the reader on your list.

Day 1 – for the Islander (whether or not they live on one)

Day 2 – for the activist 

Day 3 – for the art-loving Naturalist and the Nature-loving Artist

Day 4 for the conscious foodie

Day 5 for the armchair detective

Day 6 – for the memoir maven

Day 7 for the local history lover 

Day 8 – for the host(ess) with the most(ess) who loves to serve delightfully surprising fare

Day 9 for the fiction aficionado

Day 10 for the beer and wine enthusiasts

Day 11 – for the adventurer 


Day 12 – for the believer 


Happy reading this holiday season!