Spritz Recipe

A Romantic Twist: The Spritz Drink Recipe for Valentine’s Day

Elevate your Valentine’s Day celebration with a delightful and easy-to-make Spritz drink from the classic cocktail book, The Five-Bottle Bar. This refreshing and bubbly concoction is the perfect way to toast to love and romance. Whether you’re looking for a special Valentine’s Day cocktail or a charming drink for a romantic evening, the Spritz is a versatile choice that’s sure to impress.


2 oz Campari
4 oz chilled bubbly
Garnish with orange twist or olive


Fill a wineglass with ice. Pour the Campari and bubbly into the wineglass. Garnish with the twist, or olive if you’re feeling savoury.

Recipe by Jessica Schacht from The Five-Bottle Bar, copyright © 2022 by Jessica Schacht.