Fruit Collins Mocktail

Fruit Collins Mocktail

This recipe is a non-alcoholic nod to the Tom Collins. Get as fancy as you want creating some infused simple syrup, and combine it with citrus juice and soda.


2 oz infused simple syrup (see below)
1 oz fresh citrus juice
Soda water
Garnish with abandon


Fill a Collins glass with ice. Add the simple syrup, citrus juice, and simple syrup, top with soda, and stir. Any fresh garnish is gonna look fancy AF here, so treat yourself (or your guests) and stick a little cucumber spear or basil leaf in that glass. Edible flowers like calendula and nasturtium also go a long way here.

Here are some other suggested flavour combinations—for the juice, garnish, and infused simple syrup:

Juice Simple syrup infused with Garnish
Lemon Rosemary Lemon twist or wheel, rosemary
Grapefruit Thyme Grapefruit twist or wheel, thyme
Lemon Lavender Lemon twist or wheel, lavender
Lemon Strawberries, thyme Lemon twist or wheel, strawberries, thyme
Tomato Basil Lime twist or wheel, fresh basil
Lime Raspberries Lime twist or wheel, raspberries, cucumber
Orange Cranberries Orange twist or wheel, cranberries

Recipe by Jessica Schacht from The Five-Bottle Bar, copyright © 2022 by Jessica Schacht.