The Coastal Forager’s Cookbook

Feasting Wild in the Pacific Northwest

By (author): Robin Kort
ISBN 9781771514088
Hardcover | Publication Date: June 6, 2023
Book Dimensions: 7.25 in. x 10 in.
192 Pages

About the Book

A collection of 40 recipes that showcase foraged ingredients from the Pacific Northwest coast.

Long-time West Coast forager and the chef behind the popular Swallow Tail Supper Club, Robin Kort’s approach to cooking is a blend of simplicity and experimentation. Showcasing foraged ingredients like wild mushrooms, seaweed, fish and molluscs, flowers and evergreen tips, she brings together 40 recipes to inspire forays into tide and woods and a sense of adventure in the kitchen.

With a palate influenced by Japanese, Italian, and Spanish cuisine, and chapters organized around the four seasons, The Coastal Forager’s Cookbook offers recipes for starters, main dishes, desserts, and drinks, including

  • Evergreen Ice Cream
  • Halibut with Fermented Birch
  • Wild Green Cannelloni
  • Sea Lettuce Breadsticks
  • Wild Mushroom Paté
  • Braised Burdock Root Congee
  • Salish Sea Dashi Hot Pot

Along the way Robin shares memories of her childhood on the West Coast and her world travels, tips on plant identification, and guidance on mindful, sustainable foraging. Illustrated with pencil sketches and lush food and landscape photography, The Coastal Forager’s Cookbook is a handsome addition to your cookbook shelf and will only increase your love for the Pacific Northwest’s edible abundance.

About the Author(s)


“The multitalented outdoorsperson-culinary artist isn’t just highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable . . . she also takes gorgeous photos.” —Stir

“Naturally, the book will feature plenty of foraging insight including tips for easily identifying edible plants, as well as environmentally-minded information to help you be the best west coast forager you can be.” —Eat North

“In The Coastal Forager’s Cookbook, Chef Robin takes us on a beautiful and delicious journey in discovering Mother’s nature gift to us… Foraging is an educational foray into the wild… It is about listening to the land and sea.” —Bruno Feldeisen, chef, author, and judge on The Great Canadian Baking Show, CBC and Netflix

“Chef Robin reminds readers of the cycles that inform us when the wild foods are best for foraging . . . Robin’s delicious recipes expand our repertoire of regenerative wild foods here on the West Coast.” —Lori Snyder, Indigenous Métis Herbalist & Educator

“This book is a true delight… Robin has provided us with her own unique selection of foraged delicacies to use in her original culinary creations…. This book is a perfect fit for the Slow Food philosophy.” —Nancy Turner, author of Plants of Haida Gwaii and The Earth’s Blanket

“Chef Robin’s exploration and study of the wild edibles of the Pacific Northwest has opened up a whole new grocery list of ingredients and flavors . . . Her thoughtful use of these ingredients create a modern spin on classic recipes taking very unique flavors and making them extremely approachable and delicious.” —Chef Robert Belcham

“Kort’s approach to cooking – a blend of ‘simplicity and experimentation’ – is an approach that teaches us to work with ingredients rather that make the ingredients work for us.” —Scout Magazine

“Kort’s book is as much a resource guide as it is a cookbook . . . Home cooks and outdoor enthusiasts also likely will appreciate the book’s division into seasons, highlighting the foraged goods at peak freshness.” —425 Magazine

“a chance to save some money on groceries, try new recipes or incorporate new ingredients into familiar ones. It’s an invitation, above all, to go out, explore and experience all that nature gifts to us.” —Culinary Historians of Canada

“Many among us urbanites have lost the ability to find wild food or know how to cook any we forage. Chef Robin Kort seeks to remedy that lack in The Coastal Forager’s Cookbook—BC Magazine

“new books for gifting, or keeping, this holiday season” —EAT Magazine