Cover image for kids cookbook, “Let’s Eat: Recipes for kids who cook” by DL Acken and Aurelia Louvet. The background is a light grey and on the left side of the page is a strip of giant waffle with pools of glistening syrup in the squares. In the centre, there is a yellow bowl with a metal whisk inside and surrounding the foot of the bowl is an uncooked egg and some cracked brown eggshells. The title, “Let’s Eat” is in gigantic orange, bold, all caps, sans serif font and is aligned to the right of the waffle strip, below the title in black, letter case, sans serif font it reads, “Recipes for kids who cook” and at the bottom of the cover the authors’ names, “DL Acken & Aurelia Louvet” are in a black, all-caps, sans serif font. Book cover is by Jazmin Welch of Fleck Creative Studio.

Let’s Eat

Recipes for Kids Who Cook

By (author): DL Acken, Aurelia Louvet
ISBN 9781771514132
Hardcover | Publication Date: October 17, 2023
Book Dimensions: 7.5 in. x 9.5 in.
224 Pages

About the Book

A colourful, comprehensive cookbook that introduces beginning chefs (ages 9+) to basic kitchen techniques, and guides them from easy snacks through to show-stopping feasts.

If the young gourmands on MasterChef Junior are anything to go by, lots of kids are eager to get into the kitchen. So why wait until they’re off at college facing the (gross) communal microwave in their residence lounge? Seasoned cookbook author Danielle Acken, food stylist Aurelia Louvet, and their six proteges (age 7 to 17) are here to help. Let’s Eat brings together kitchen basics, tools, terminology, and 60+ recipes with loads of variations to suit a range of tastes.

The book opens with a chapter of recipes to build basic techniques—making eggs, rice, pasta, salad dressing, mashed potatoes, bread, and roast chicken (what? Yes, really)—that will set kids up for culinary success, before branching into breakfasts, fresh snacks and sides, hot main courses, and desserts. Learn to make hits like:

  • Sticky Soda Pop Ribs
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Falafel Veggie Burgers
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Pulled Chicken Tacos
  • Sweet Potato Curry
  • Teriyaki Baked Salmon
  • Oven Baked Doughnuts

Following this fun, choose-your-own-adventure style primer, with its bold, colourful photography, kids will soon advance from quick afterschool snacks and summer picnics to breakfasts in bed and full-course family dinners (with dessert, of course).

About the Author(s)

Danielle (DL) Acken is a Canadian-born international food writer and photographer who splits her time between London, UK and her farm studio on Canada’s beautiful Salt Spring Island. See her work at

Aurelia Louvet is a dedicated home cook and food stylist based on Canada’s gorgeous Salt Spring Island. Having lived and eaten around the world, Aurelia is known for her evocative style that combines modern North American sensibility and classic European beauty. Visit her at


“Let’s Eat . . . is for older children ready to tackle real cooking. The book “includes familiar things, like burgers and tacos, but also more adventurous fare, like crispy sesame chicken and falafel,” [Rebekah] Hagerdorn [of Tall Tales Book Shop] said.” —Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“a choose-your-own-adventure style cookbook that aims to arm young cooks with the skills they need to follow recipes on their own, with little to no parental supervision.” —Globe and Mail

“DL Acken is a food writer and photographer who splits her time between the U.K. and Saltspring Island, while Aurelia Louvet is a food stylist based on Saltspring. The two teamed up to produce Let’s Eat: Recipes for Kids Who Cook, which teaches basic kitchen techniques to tween and teen chefs.” —MONTECRISTO Magazine

“With a toolbox of basics (how to boil an egg; how to mash potatoes) . . . it’s sure to inspire your littles to make dinner for the family.” Globe and Mail

“new books for gifting, or keeping, this holiday season” EAT Magazine

“If you’ve been searching for that elusive kids cookbook that takes young cooks seriously — but not too seriously — while also respecting that they are kitchen beginners, pick up Eat Me! and head directly to check out. This fabulous book is vibrant, fun, and full of tips and recipes that manage to be kid-friendly without being too kiddish. Perfect for budding school-aged cooks!” —Stacie Billis, Co-Host Didn’t I Just Feed You podcast

“This is an extraordinary kid’s cookbook.” Youth Services Book Review

“Fostering improved literacy, problem-solving, critical thinking, and independence, Let’s Eat will inspire hours of fun and memorable experiences in the kitchen. Get in there as a family and enjoy this book together!” —Daily Mom

“new books for gifting, or keeping, this holiday season” —EAT Magazine

“Your older kids will really get a kick out of this book . . . dive into some essential basics, some well-loved foods, and others that are sure to bring proud chef smiles from your children.” —First Time Parent