Off the Hook

Essential West Coast Seafood Recipes

By (author): DL Acken, Aurelia Louvet
ISBN 9781771512763
Softcover | Publication Date: June 5, 2018
Book Dimensions: 6 in x 8 in
168 Pages

About the Book

Fresh, fast, and delicious, these are the quintessential recipes every West Coast fish and seafood lover must have.

The islands of Canada’s West Coast are home to some of the freshest and most sustainable seafood in the world. In this exquisitely photographed and curated cookbook you’ll find 60+ easy and approachable recipes using simple techniques written for home cooks of any skill level. From Peel ’n’ Eat Spot Prawns to Dungeness Crab Cakes to Beet Smoked Salmon Lox, the bounty of the Pacific Northwest comes to life in recipes that will inspire delight. Food photographer Danielle (DL) Acken and food stylist Aurelia Louvet deliver classic recipes with a uniquely modern West Coast twist.

About the Author(s)

Aurelia Louvet is a dedicated home cook and food stylist based on Canada’s gorgeous Salt Spring Island. Having lived and eaten around the world, Aurelia is known for her evocative style that combines modern North American sensibility and classic European beauty. Visit her at

Danielle (DL) Acken is a Canadian-born international food photographer who splits her time between London, UK and her farm studio on Canada’s beautiful Salt Spring Island. See her work at


“It’s hard not to just be focussed on salmon on the west coast but [Off the Hook] really sort of ventures beyond salmon . . . [to give] a lot of really interesting ways to cook fresh seafood . . . it’s a great book.” —Julie Van Rosendaal, CBC’s Calgary Eyeopener

“Beautifully-illustrated . . . explores the world of fresh B.C. seafood, with recipes and photos that will send you straight to the fishmonger. From shrimp dumplings to miso ginger-glazed sablefish and cheesy baked oysters, it’s the Salt Spring duo’s first collaboration.” —YAM