Everyone’s Welcome

The Art of Living and Eating Allergen Free

By (author): Amanda Orlando
ISBN 9781771512732
Hardcover | Publication Date: May 7, 2019
Book Dimensions: 8 in x 11 in
224 Pages

About the Book

Easy, delicious recipes and helpful tips to inspire confidence in adults who live with life-threatening allergies.

Not everyone outgrows childhood allergies. When Amanda Orlando learned firsthand that the social and emotional impact of anaphylactic reactions affects adults, she started blogging about it, and EverydayAllergenFree.com was born.

Her new cookbook, Everyone’s Welcome, is for people with anaphylactic allergies to any of the “big eight”: peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, soy, wheat, fish, shellfish. Most of the recipes are free from all eight allergens, with the rest offering alternatives to suit your particular allergy—and you’ll know whether the recipe is coconut-free, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan.

Enjoy features such as:

  • A comprehensive list of ingredient substitutes
  • How to avoid cross-contamination
  • A list of allergen-free fridge staples
  • Tips for entertaining, eating out, and travelling
  • A list of trusted name brands
  • Snacks to go and sugar-free foods

Including strategies to deal with allergy anxiety, Everyone’s Welcome is an essential resource for friends and family of those living with severe allergies.

About the Author(s)

Amanda Orlando is the creator of EverydayAllergenFree.com, which she started to inspire confidence in people who live with life-threatening food allergies and dietary restrictions. Her writing has appeared in the Huffington Post, and she is the author of Allergen-Free Desserts to Delight Your Taste Buds (Skyhorse Publishing, 2015). She lives in Toronto.


“If you live with food allergies or cook for somebody who does, you know that it can be a mine field finding things that are not only safe to eat but also delicious. Enter Amanda Orlando . . . Amanda knows first hand what it’s like to live with food allergies and in this book it’s her goal to help you eat safely while still enjoying every mouthful. Everyone’s Welcome is packed with tips for cooking at home, eating out and traveling with food allergies and recipes are colour coded so you can quickly find dishes that are safe for your allergies!” —Food Bloggers of Canada

“Moving forward, we have to seize opportunities to educate for inclusion . . . Making large-scale change happen is never easy. It will take determination, courage and persistence to educate others and instill a sense of empathy and community responsibility to protect the tens of millions of North Americans living with food allergy. With no known cause or cure, this invisible disability is here to stay for the foreseeable future. We should feel compelled, not annoyed, to help those living with life-threatening food allergies.”

Read the full op-ed by Amanda Orlando in the Globe and Mail

“Amanda Orlando hasn’t let her food allergies stop her from making food a treasured part of her life.” —The New Family Podcast

“If you or someone you love has severe food allergies and dietary restrictions, Amanda Orlando’s new cookbook is for you . . . Everyone’s Welcome is definitely a book for kitchen novices as well as more experienced cooks with dietary conditions to consider. But Orlando’s offerings transcend the book’s allergen-free focus, underlined by the subtitle: The Art of Living and Eating Allergen Free with an emphasis on the art of living and eating . . . a delight.” —EAT

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