Cover image for the cookbook “Eat Alberta First” by Karen Anderson. The background which is mostly all black is focused on a pot of soup and some bread. The pot is enamel with a teal handle and rim, the body of which is white, but weathered with stains and filled to the brim with a chunky stew. A loaf of white bread is behind the pot of stew with some cut slices resting in front on a wooden board. The title, “Eat Alberta First” is aligned left toward the top of the page in a large, white, letter case, sans serif font and nestled in beside this is the subtitle in much smaller, white, all caps, sans serif font reading “A Year of Local Recipes from Where the Prairies Meet the Mountains”. Karen Anderson, the author, is printed in the top right corner in the same green as the enamel pot handle in an all caps, sans serif font. Book cover is by Jazmin Welch of Fleck Creative Studio.

Eat Alberta First

A Year of Local Recipes from Where the Prairies Meet the Mountains

By (author): Karen Anderson
ISBN 9781771514026
Softcover | Publication Date: April 25, 2023
Book Dimensions: 7.5 in. x 9 in.
384 Pages

About the Book

Equal parts cookbook and manifesto, this beautifully photographed collection is the ultimate guide to local eating in Alberta all through the year.

Eat Alberta First presents 90 tried and true recipes in celebration of Alberta’s farmers, ranchers, and food artisans. Alberta Food Tours founder and enthusiastic locavore Karen Anderson’s love of her province is enriched with the experience gained during her extensive global travels. Organized around uniquely Alberta seasons (including “Cabin Fever” and “Harvest Hurry Up”), with mini workshops on sourdough, foraging, and canning, gorgeous food and landscape photography, and an Alberta food sourcing list, the book is designed to help the home cook build reliance on their skills and on the province’s food producers.

Beginning with detailed lists of pantry essentials and an introduction to the skill levels each recipe is organized by, Karen then takes readers through the seasons, from the depths of winter (when the tough get baking), through always dicey springs, full-on summer, harvest, and batch prepping for a busy fall. The book concludes with a chapter dedicated to hosting a diversity of feasts all year round.

Learn to make Morel Mushroom Cheese Spread, Never the Same Way Twice Coleslaw, Slow-Cooked Alberta Bison, Long Life Noodles with Greens, the ultimate charcuterie board, Festive Vegetable Biryani, Summer’s Every Fruit Cake, and many many more. We think you’ll find Karen’s gusto and belief in the power of local truly inspiring.

About the Author(s)

Karen Anderson is a Taste Canada, IPPY, and World Gourmand award-winning writer for A Spicy Touch and Food Artisans of Alberta. She founded Alberta Food Tours in 2006 after a 21-year nursing career. She lives in Calgary with her husband. Find her at or


“A hefty and informative tome full of useful information for those attempting to keep as close to the local food cycle as possible.” —Edmonton Journal

“A hefty, almost 400-page volume celebrating the Alberta culinary spirit through stories . . . and 90 homespun recipes.” —Calgary Herald

“[A] love letter to the province.” —Eat North

“Champion of Alberta food and artisans.” —CTV Calgary

Eat Alberta First paints a picture of not just who we are but where we might be going, through what and how we eat. . . rather than offering prescriptive calls to action or defining what it means to identify as a citizen of this province. Anderson gently illustrates how food practices, and home cooking in particular, are a reflection of Alberta’s culture, agriculture industry and, perhaps most importantly, weather.”  —Alberta Views

“I can truthfully say, it’s been a while since I’ve seen such a wonderful book that shows the passion for the subject on every page!” —Linda Garson, Editor-in-Chief of Culinaire Magazine

“Everyone should have this book in their kitchen.” —The Tomato

Eat Alberta First not only shares stories and recipes to connect people, but also teaches readers how to forage responsibly, how to make sourdough, how to can and preserve, where to source food. . .” —Chestermere Anchor

“It’s a love letter to the foods and food producers of Alberta, as well as a call to cook and eat local whenever possible. . . [it’s] also a great primer; a kitchen 101, perfect for novice cooks learning how to stock a pantry, what to keep in a well-equipped kitchen, and how to cook smartly and naturally, with the rhythms of the seasons.” —Alberta Prime Times

Eat Alberta First is more than a cookbook. Karen’s engaging voice links the reader with Alberta people, places and ingredients as well as recipes.” —Grainews

“Karen Anderson knows food from all over the world, especially from her beloved home province of Alberta. I’m so excited for her latest book! You can just smell the farmland and crisp Alberta air.” —Shelley Adams, author of Whitewater Cooks

“No one covers the ever-changing Alberta food scene like Karen Anderson. She masterfully connects the dots between people, story, land, process, ingredients, recipes, and celebration that make up Alberta’s food culture kaleidoscope. Eat Alberta First has me planning my next culinary adventure, and my next dinner party!” —Jennifer Cockrall, co-author of tawâw