Show Me the Honey, Tapping the West Win Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

TouchWood Editions is thrilled to announce that both Show Me the Honey by Dave Doroghy and Tapping the West by Scott Messenger have won Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in the Canadian competition.

Show Me the Honey: Adventures of an Accidental Apiarist by Dave Doroghy, the winner of the Best Book on Honey in Canada, is a lighthearted, self-deprecating account of one fledgling beekeeper’s misadventures. Through highly entertaining anecdotes, Doroghy recounts his often tension-filled foray into beekeeping. In addition to the joy and surprises he experiences, he also covers the less-acknowledged financial sting of keeping bees. Above all, he relishes in the details of keeping a hive and getting to know the fascinating little creatures that inhabit those mysterious wooden boxes.

“If you think beekeeping is a quick and easy shortcut to wealth, this book will set you straight. . . honest and often witty . . . this is a light read on the pleasures and pains of a beekeeper that will give you new respect for all the work . . . that goes into producing the spoonful of honey you stir into your tea.” —New York Times

When Alberta eliminated its laws around mandatory minimum brewing capacity in 2013, the industry suddenly opened to the possibility of small-batch craft breweries. From roughly a dozen in operation before deregulation, there are now more than a hundred. Tapping the West: How Alberta’s Craft Beer Industry Bubbled out of an Economy Gone Flat by Scott Messenger, the winner of the Best Book on Beer in Canada, shares the story behind Alberta’s craft beer boom via tasting notes, social history, politics, and science. Messenger introduces readers to key players in the industry, and hops into the brewhouses and backstories of some of Canada’s best new beer makers.

Tapping the West is not a regional beer guide . . . Messenger utilizes a more personable style of journalism . . . [to] describe the unique personality of those he interviews and the experiences he had while researching . . . It’s refreshing to see a writer take a wider view of beer, including regional politics, culture, and economics.” —What’s Brewing Magazine

Founded in 1995, the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Awards receive submissions from more than 200 countries each year and award prizes in more than 100 categories. In the first leg of the competition, food, wine and drink books compete against titles within their country. Having won in Canada, Show Me the Honey and Tapping the West will now continue to compete in their categories against winners from other countries in the Gourmand Best in World competition. Results from that competition will be announced in May 2021.

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