Vancouver’s Most Haunted

Supernatural Encounters in BC's Terminal City

By (author): Ian Gibbs
ISBN 9781771513180
Softcover | Publication Date: October 5, 2021
Book Dimensions: 5.5 in. x 8.5 in.
192 Pages

About the Book

In his new collection of ghost stories, Ian Gibbs combs the Terminal City for its spooks and apparitions, from Gastown to Grouse Mountain, West Van to New West.

In his new collection of ghost stories, ghost-walk guide and podcaster Ian Gibbs investigates the greater Vancouver area in search of the city’s paranormal. These thirty stories cover more famous hauntings like Waterfront Station and the Orpheum Theatre as well as private houses and the apartments of friends and readers. Gibbs’s research style balances history, personal experience, and input from residents, employees, local mediums, and paranormal experts. Among others, you’ll learn about

  • the footsteps at the Irish Heather
  • the spirited tunnels at Riverview
  • the pranksters of Hycroft Manor
  • the haunted washrooms at the Alibi Room
  • the ghost of Grace Ceperley at Fairacres Mansion
  • the murmurings at the Cannery
  • and “The Tall” and “The Small” of the Royal Crown Castle

From Gastown to Grouse Mountain, West Van to New West, Gibbs combs the Terminal City for its apparitions and presents his findings in a conversational style that meets readers where they are, whether history enthusiast, interested skeptic, or supernaturally sensitive.

About the Author(s)

Ian Gibbs was born in the United Kingdom and emigrated to Canada when he was young. He has a passion for history and the paranormal, and has always been fascinated by storytelling, ghosts, and hauntings. He lived in several city centres across the country before settling in Victoria—arguably one of the most haunted places in Canada—where he acts as a guide for Victoria’s popular Ghostly Walks tours. He is the creator and host of the podcast Ghosts 'n Bears, and author of Victoria’s Most Haunted: Ghost Stories of BC’s Historic Capital City and Vancouver’s Most Haunted: Supernatural Encounters in BC’s Terminal City.


“Ian Gibbs has done it again! Vancouver’s Most Haunted is full to the brim with spooky, spine-tingling, supernatural tales. He’s once again found the perfect balance of history and mystery; sure to intrigue readers everywhere, especially those who think they know the huge, vibrant city of Vancouver. You’re in for a treat with Gibbs’s intriguing and well-researched book.” —Barbara Smith, author of Great Canadian Ghost Stories, Ghostly Campfire Stories of Western Canada, and Campfire Stories from Coast to Coast