Sitting Lady Sutra

By (author): Kay Stewart
ISBN 9781926741239
Softcover | Publication Date: August 17, 2011
Book Dimensions: 5.25 in x 8 in
264 Pages

About the Book

RCMP Constable Danutia Dranchuk is investigating a mysterious death at Sitting Lady Falls. The evidence she gathers points to three separate stories, leaving her with more questions than answers. Is this murder connected to two earlier killings of Aboriginal women? Are all three the work of the same killer? Some of the details are hitting a little too close to home, and Danutia is forced to examine her friendship with forensics head Corporal Surinder Sharma and his family.

Deftly woven into Danutia’s investigation are the stories of two other characters. Parolee Ritchie Taylor fears that the unidentified body from the waterfall is his estranged daughter’s, who was supposed to meet him after his release from prison, but never showed. Awkward busboy Trav can’t seem to help behaving suspiciously.

Author Kay Stewart pulls the threads together in an unexpected and dramatic resolution at Sitting Lady Falls. Also available in hardcover.

About the Author(s)

Kay Stewart is co-author of the mystery novel A Deadly Little List (2006), the first in the Danutia Dranchuk series; sole author of the second, Sitting Lady Sutra (2011); and co-author of the third, Unholy Rites (2013). She taught English at the University of Alberta for twenty years and has co-authored two textbooks on writing, Essay Writing for Canadian Students and Forms of Writing. Her creative work has appeared in the periodicals Other Voices and NeWest Review, and in the anthologies Eating Apples and Wrestling with the Angel. She lives in Victoria, British Columbia. Please visit


Sitting Lady Sutra is a well-written mystery with a solid plot and sub-plots that intertwine and surprise. Stewart knows how to write a compelling novel with dialogue that is sharp and believable, as are the characters. It’s always a pleasure to find a strong female protagonist who is also good at her job. Danutia Dranchuk is definitely one.” —Mystery Maven Canada blog

Sitting Lady Sutra works both as a mystery and a synthesis of our beliefs and sorrows: honest and complex story-telling.” —Don Graves, Hamilton Spectator

“[Stewart] keeps the action moving and the characters peppy.” —The Globe & Mail

“This is a complex novel with rich layers of plot and characters reflecting the Canadian multicultural stage.” —Lou Allin, Crime Writers of Canada

“Stewart loads the novel with issues and manages to keep everything on track, while maintaining suspense in the mystery and fascination with the character development.” —The Times Colonist