Cover image for “The Sipster’s Pocket Guide to 50 Must-Try BC Wines: Volume 3” by Luke Whittall. The background is cream and there is an illustration of a green wine bottle in the middle. An octagon that is the same colour as the background overlays the wine bottle and has the title “The Sipster’s Pocket Guide to 50 Must-Try BC Wines: Volume 3” in a black, all caps, sans serif font and a small pink text circle above the title reads “all new wines”. The author’s name, Luke Whittall, is at the bottom of the image and is printed in a cream, bold, all caps, sans serif font. Book cover is by Sydney Barnes.

The Sipster’s Pocket Guide to 50 Must-Try BC Wines: Volume 3

By (author): Luke Whittall
ISBN 9781771514415
Softcover | Publication Date: April 2, 2024
Book Dimensions: 4.25 in. x 7 in.
152 Pages

About the Book

The eagerly awaited third volume in the offbeat BC wine guide the Vancouver Sun calls “the perfect go-to.”

In the third volume in the popular, offbeat Sipster’s Pocket Guide series, wine expert and educator Luke Whittall presents his latest top 50 British Columbia wines under $50 (including many under $30) and along the way shares his thoughts on wine country and common misconceptions about certain grapes, and offers up tangents on everything from scented candles to middle children to sweatshirt weather.

With food and activity pairings that range from Thai noodles and pool noodles to Schubert and hootenannies, and an index of attitudes that lets you choose a wine based on your mood, the Sipster’s guides are equal parts freewheeling and focused.

Divided into chapters on sparkling, white, rosé, red, and dessert wines, the latest volume of Sipster’s will snap you out of a catatonic funk in the liquor store and stick around for a quiet evening paging through a book—perhaps this book and perhaps there’s even a wine for that.

Welcome to Volume 3, where a Viognier can be a lot like a bouncy castle, the right red blend can have you busting out your best cravat, and an adventurous evening calls for a certain Trebianno (not the guy from Friends . . . but then again, maybe?).


About the Author(s)

Luke Whittall has worked in cellars, vineyards, and wine shops since 2005 and is currently a wine instructor at Okanagan College. He is the author of Valleys of Wine: A Taste of British Columbia’s Wine History (2019), co-author of The Okanagan Wine Tour Guide with John Schreiner (2020), is currently working on subsequent volumes of his Sipster’s Pocket Guide series. He splits his time between Okanagan Falls, BC and Toronto, ON.