Not a Clue

By (author): Janet Brons
ISBN 9781771511476
Softcover | Publication Date: October 13, 2015
Book Dimensions: 5.25 in x 8 in
192 Pages

About the Book

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Inspector Liz Forsyth digs into the murder of a Chechen immigrant, while in London her colleague, Scotland Yard Detective Chief Inspector Stephen Hay, searches for the killer of a young Canadian traveller.

In London, Detective Chief Inspector Stephen Hay of Scotland Yard heads up the investigation into the puzzling murder of a young Canadian woman travelling alone. Her killer was meticulous, leaving a serene-looking corpse and no clues. In Ottawa, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Inspector Liz Forsyth searches for the murderer of a young Chechen woman, who was shot at the gates of the Russian Embassy. No one knows who would want to kill her, except, perhaps, the Russians.

Separated by continents and responsibilities to their respective departments, Forsyth and Hay doggedly work their cases while still feeling the pull of their recent partnership. As Forsyth chases her case further into the complicated world of Russian and Chechen relations, Hay is at a standstill—until the murderer resurfaces.

About the Author(s)

Before taking to crime writing, Janet Brons worked as a foreign affairs consultant following a seventeen-year career in the Canadian foreign service, with postings in Kuala Lumpur, Warsaw, and Moscow. She holds a Master of Arts in political science and international relations. Not A Clue is the second installment in her Forsyth and Hay mystery series. Brons lives in Sidney, British Columbia.


“Brons is a veteran of the Canadian foreign service, having worked foreign posting for over a decades. She wisely uses her inside knowledge of this world to add an extra, international dimension to the mystery … [She] gives us a fairly conventional mystery plot that is enlivened by details and settings that we haven’t seen before, making this a series worth following.” —National Post

“Reminiscent of Agatha Christie and the classic whodunit … I was drawn into the murders instantly and wanted to solve them along with the two inspectors. I am sure we will be seeing more of Forsyth and Hay in the future and for that I am extremely glad.” —Mystery Playground blog