It’s Only the Himalayas

And Other Tales of Miscalculation from an Overconfident Backpacker

By (author): S. Bedford
ISBN 9781927366479
Softcover | Publication Date: April 5, 2016
Book Dimensions: 5.75 in x 8.5 in
224 Pages

About the Book

A laugh-out-loud travel memoir that reveals backpacking’s awkward side.

Sue, a disenchanted waitress, embarks upon a year-long quest around the world with her friend, Sara—who’s exasperatingly perfect. Expecting a whimsical jaunt of self-discovery, Sue instead encounters an absurd series of misadventures that render her embarrassed, terrified, and queasy (and in a lot of trouble with Philippine Airlines).

Whether she’s fleeing from ravenous lions, dancing amid smoking skulls, trekking Annapurna underprepared, or (accidentally) drugging an Englishman, Sue’s quick-witted, self-deprecating narrative might just inspire you to take your own chaotic adventure.

About the Author(s)

S. Bedford is an indie backpacker who has accidentally locked herself in the bathroom in over fifty countries. She calls Toronto, Canada home base, and It's Only the Himalayas is her first book.


“A hilarious travelogue for the social media generation.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“A Canadian waitress who swears like a fishwife goes to Boracay.” New York Times

“If you’re skeptical of those aggrandizing blogs that portray travel as suspiciously perfect, then this hilarious memoir is a must-read. . . . An honest and heartwarming book.” —HuffPost Travel

“Making it from Namibia to Nepal, this amusing, misadventure-filled travelogue gives a funny, realistic account of what it takes to travel the world with your worldly possessions on your back—and get out alive.” —Toronto Star

“Raise your hand if your mother is constantly reminding you to be careful and not do anything stupid. Yeah, I thought so. Sue Bedford gave her own mother’s advice a moment or two of thought, and then headed off into the world to take risks, stare down challenges, and do a handful (or more) of things her mother definitely would have classified as unwise.” —Bustle

“Throughout the journey, [Sue and Sara] trade one-liners like mismatched partners in an ’80s detective show… S. Bedford brings a fresh voice to travel writing, one that is funny, observant, and original.” —Outpost Magazine

“A laugh-out-loud memoir by a well-traveled nomad . . . Bedford’s chaotic year of backpacking was not exactly the Eat, Pray, Love journey she’d been expecting. She didn’t find herself while traveling. She didn’t fall in love, or undergo a life-altering transformation, she isn’t enlightened, and she sure didn’t return home with the knowledge of what to do with her life. This is the realistic story of backpackers the world over…” —The Expeditioner


“This book is a smart, funny, hip, modern venture-based saga. Even the most serious scenes are turned into jokes, in which one or the other traveler takes the hit. If you like this sort of smart writing about a long laugh-out-loud journey, here it is.” —Portland Review

“An honest, funny and fresh take about backpacking, which most of us who have hit the backpackers’ trail can relate to. Ideal for a light read for those long bus or train trips.” —Backpackers Travel Magazine

“The antidote to pristine travel-related Instagram feeds, It’s Only It’s Only the Himalayas and Other Tales of Miscalculation from an Overconfident Backpacker reveals the less-glamorous, sometimes embarrassing, but always entertaining side of travel.” —La Carte Magazine