Waist-up portrait shot in a commercial kitchen with wall-bracketed shelves stacked with jars and glassware against a white-tiled wall, the bottom half of the wall is deep maroon. Soren staun petersen is a white person with short cropped dirty blonde hair and a scruffy, well-kept blonde beard; he is wearing a large black t-shirt and is looking over his right shoulder, away from the camera while smiling. Photo Credit: Martin Bjorn Christiansen.

Søren Staun Petersen

Since 2013, Søren Staun Petersen has created recipes focusing on seasonal fruits and vegetables on www.chefsseason.dk and developed recipes for brands and magazines. By virtue of his work as a professional commercial photographer, mainly focusing on food photography, he has worked with food and its presentation for several years. Søren has a great passion for fresh Danish ingredients. In August 2018, he published his first cookbook, Surprise with Pumpkin.

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