Peter Murray

Peter Murray was born in Vancouver on July 25, 1928 of Scottish-English descent. With 30 years experience in the newspaper business, chiefly with the Victoria Times Colonist, Peter Murray also edited a volume of the collected columns of Jack Scott, called Great Scott!, and a collection of M.A. Grainger’s previously uncollected writing entitled Riding the Skyline. The Vagabond Fleet is Murray’s history of West Coast sealing schooners and the dispute between Britain and the United States in the 1880s and 1890s over what is known as “pelagic sealing”. During the “Bering Sea” controversy, Britain and the United States came close to war over the hunting of fur seals in open waters. A fleet of 150 sailing vessels converged on Victoria to hunt the northern fur seal. An international treaty in 1911 finally slowed the slaughter. Many of the seals that were killed indiscriminately sank before they could be recovered. Home from the Hill is a ‘triography’ on biographical materials pertaining to the lives of M.A. Grainger, Clive Phillips-Wolley and Warburton Pike, all of whom were authors who wrote about British Columbia.