Background is a yellow-green field of grass. The photograph is a shoulder-up portrait of author Janet Melrose, she is a white woman with her grey-white hair pulled back leaving some bangs over her forehead. She is wearing thinly rimmed glasses and a red plaid button up with a few of the top buttons undone as she looks directly into the camera with a smiling face. Photographer credit: Steve Melrose.

Janet Melrose

Janet Melrose is a garden educator and consultant, and an advocate for Calgary’s Sustainable Local Food System. She is a life-long gardener and holds a Prairie Horticulture Certificate and Home Farm Horticultural Therapy Certificate. She has a passion for Horticultural Therapy and facilitates numerous programs designed to integrate people marginalized by various disabilities into the larger community. She is a regular contributor to The Gardener for Canadian Climates magazine. She lives in Calgary where she runs her education and consulting company, Calgary’s Cottage Gardener.