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"You have alway's been an inspiration to me." —Pamela Anderson

"Vie is an irresistible ray of sunshine that warms you with down-to-earth kindness, sparkles with flirtatious humor and radiates appreciation for living in the moment. If you're not lucky enough to meet her, try basking in this delightful memoir." —Virginia Keast, Western Producer, "eTalk"

"Auntie Vie is the epitome of a great Victorian lady; exuding style, elegance, grace and class." —Rob Anderson, Manager, Afternoon Tea, The Fairmont Empress

Covering local news, you get to meet all kinds of people. No one, in my 30 years experience, stands out like Auntie Vie. For us, she was the brightest star of Dancing with the Stars. Vie is an inspiration with her spunk, spark, and spirit. And her pies and pickles are perfection! —Hudson Mack, Director of News & Information Programming, /A Vancouver Island.

"Auntie Vie is a big, bold, gregarious personality with a penchant for enthusiastic pickling, enormous hats and retro sunglasses." The Times Colonist  Click here for more

Photographer Rolf Hicker blogs about his experiences photographing Auntie Vie for the book, Auntie Vie: A Life of Pickles and Pearls  Click here for more