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"There is no doubt that British Columbia’s wines have come a very long way in a very short time, and John Schreiner has been there talking, writing about, and tasting B.C.’s wines since the 1980s." —Culinaire  Click here for more

"If you want a quick primer on BC's best labels while supporting a Canadian wine treasure, John Schreiner himself, this is it." —Gismondi on Wine

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"If you are confused by the multitude of pricey B.C. labels on the market, Schreiner’s book sorts out the very best, and consumers should find the book useful." —Anthony Gismondi, Vancouver Sun

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"BC wine fans love John Schreiner. He's always been there for us. With the explosive growth of BC wines, he has paved the way for our all-important next step: how to choose and cellar the best of those wines, the icons." —Terry David Mulligan, host of Tasting Room Radio on Roundhouse Radio